Hi, my name is Qing Ye. Let me be your China Ambassador and share all my tour guide knowledge and experience with you.

I promise you to show my favorite sites in Beijing. We will explore The Temple of Heaven, discover Forbidden City, climbing The Great Wall, enjoy The Summer Palace as Empress CiXi and dive into Hutongs. Beijing is just a small part of rich China Culture Puzzle, but I want you to get to know and love it as I love. Join my tours and get a deep understanding of Chinese history, believes, superstitions, food, life and people!

Let me tell you some words about my experience.

I have Beijing University Bachelor Degree. I am originally from Xinjiang – the western part of China – famous for The Silk Road. Xinjiang is very remote China Province and when I was young, I couldn’t even dream about traveling. I remember, I has a dream that one day I can travel all around China... Today it came true. Here in Beijing I have far more opportunity to explore China. I love to travel, discover new places, culture and history. And I'm happy that I can share with you all my knowledge and experience as a Certified English Speaking Tour Guide.

See you in Beijing!