Welcome to Jerusalem! The sacred City for Jews, Christians and for Muslims.

How to touch the Holy Cross beam, find the Western wall, where to eat the best hummus, shawarma and buy original Damascus cloth? Let's discover Jerusalem together!

Our walking tour starts from Jaffa Gate, goes along King David street to the Church of Holy Sepulchre – the holiest place in the Christian world. I will show you the place where the Holy Cross beam was installed. We will see a reliquary with the piece of true Holy Cross and hand of Mary Magdalene. We will walk along the streets of Christian Quarter to the Western Wall and Temple Mount. We will see remains of ancient Roman street Via Kardo, we will visit the Tomb of King David and the Last Supper Chamber, where the Jesus said that the wine is his blood and the bread is his flesh. We will end our walking at the church where we believe the St. Peter denied the Jesus three times. 

Besides, we will drink the best Old City coffee, eat amazing hummus and enjoy delicious shawarma on the rooftop with the greatest view on the dome of Holy Sepulchre Church.

Let's get started!

Classic Jerusalem Walking Tour

This tour is good for you if you are first time in Jerusalem, if you don't want to spend your time on searching all the information by yourself, but still would love to get flavour of the Old City and Christian Quarter.

Jerusalem, perhaps, is the holiest city in the world, venerated by Jews, Christian and Muslims. It has five thousands years of history, and has witnessed more battles then anywhere else in the world. Many wish to live in it, visit it, and be buried in it.

Let's explore the map of the Jerusalem Old City. The Old city is about one square kilometer devided into four quaters: Jewish, Armenian, Christian and Muslim Quarters. Twenty percent of the Old City is Temple Mount with the Muslim Dome on it. Right above there is Jewish holy place - Western Wall. And for the Christian there is Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre marks, by Christian tradition, the very site of the crucifixion, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. It is visited by thousands of pilgrims on daily basis, and is one of the most interesting destinations in all of Israel. It’s main attractions are the Goglotha, the Tomb of Jesus, the Stone of Unction, the Chapel of the finding of the Cross, and the Immovable ladder.

In the Jesus days Golgotha was the place outside Jerusalem where, according to the Gospels, Jesus was crucified.
Just after desending from Golgotha you will see the Stone of Anointing, also known as Stone of Unction. The Christian tradition believes it's the...
The Christian tradition believes that in Jesus time this place belonged to Joseph of Arimathea as his funeral cave. But because the Romans...
The Christian tradition believes that this cave or chamber is the place where Helena, the mother of the first Christian Emperor found The True Holy...
The Holy Sepulchre Reliquary presents physical remains of saints, bones, pieces of clothing and even piece of the Holy Cross.
The Via Dolorosa or “Way of suffering” is a street in the old city of Jerusalem believed to be the path Jesus walked, carrying his cross, from the...
The Eighth station commemorates an episode described by the Gospel of Luke, alone among the canonical gospels, in which Jesus encounters pious...
Hummus Lina Restaurant Address: Al Khanka Street | Old City
Elia Photo Service Boutique Address: 14 Al Khanka Street, Old City Jerusalem An excellent boutique where you can find great photos of old...
Ibrahim Cloth Boutique Address: Ibrahim Cloth Boutique, probably, the only place in the Christian Quarter where you can buy original Damascus...
Abu-Yusuf Coffe Shop Address: 
George Kouz's Biblical Jewelry Boutique Address: Christian Quater rod. #28
Eli Kouz Pottery Boutique Address: Christian Quatter rd. 28   Authentic Armenian pottery is something you can give as a special but not...
Zak Mishriky Antiquities  Address: Christian QUater rd. #24   This shop is a family business run by Zak Mishriky. It is authorized by the...
Panaramic Golden City Restaurant Address: 130 Market Aftemos Best shawarma in the Christian Quarter with amazing view from rooftop.
Located on the southern end of the old city, beyond Zion gate, Mount Zion holds several holy sites, such as King David’s Tomb Mark, the Chamber of...
“Cenacle” is the name given to the site of the Last Supper (Mark 14:15; Luke 22:12). The structure at the site was built in Crusaders times or...
“Dormition Abbey” is a Benedictine establishment built over the traditional rest place of Virgin Mary (the “DORMITION”) on Mount Zion. The round...
The Church of “Petrus in gallicantu” or in Lathin “Peter of the Cock crow“ on the eastern slope of Mount Zion, marks by Christian tradition, the...
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Danny Herman
Tour Guide

My name is Danny Herman (a.k.a “Danny the Digger“), and I specialize in private guided tours across the Holy Land.

With a guiding license, an MA in Archaeology, an MBA, and a teaching position in Hebrew University, I can provide a unique and high level touring experience.

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