Is this your first time ever to the City of Peace? Are you a return visitor?

In either case, the panorama from the Mount of Olives is the best ever place to start your visit!

Get a sense of the old and the new, hear the sounds of the church bells and the muezzin, see all major religious sites in one glance, understand what you are looking at and enjoy this tour which will give you 3000 years of the city's history while you sit and look...

Then start your way down and discover the unique churches of Dominus Flevit and Gethsemane before making your way toward the Via Dolorosa, the subject of the next tour. 

Mount of Olives panorama

Hi and welcome! This introductory tour will give you a wonderful overview of the city of Jerusalem. Let your eyes wander on the horizon, spot the sights pointed out by your guide, get a good understanding of the topography of the land and orient yourself. Tip: because the view is so stunning, it is a touristy area that can be crowded at times.

Please watch your belongings, do not let your wallet visible in a back pocket for example, if you purchase something, plan small change, do not pay with a large bill. If it is very hot, plan a hat and water. This is so you may fully enjoy the experience without having to worry about pickpockets or sun-strokes.

Simple introduction: Mount of Olives geographical location between the Judean Mountains and the Judean Desert

Judaism, Christianity and Islam all have their connection to the Mount of Olives

Dome of the Rock built by the Ummayad Dynasty in 691 CE; Al Aqsa Mosque built by the same dynasty in 705; the Church of the Holy Sepulcher first...
Dormition Abbey on Mount Zion, site of the Last Supper, David's Tomb; St Peter in Gallicantu Church or the site of the triple denial of Peter; City...
On the way to Hebron and Bethlehem; locate Mount Moriah or the site of the Binding of Isaac and the Foundation Stone, which is under the Dome of...
Canaanite city of Jebus; City of David; Gihon Spring; the threshing floor of Araunah the Jebusite; King Solomon and the First Temple
Practices in the First Temple; sacrifices at Pessach, Shavuot and Sukkot
Cyrus the Great; the "Cyrus Decree"; Ezra and Nehemia rebuild the center of Jewish life in Jerusalem in the 5th c. BCE
Herod the Great; the Second Temple and the massive platform of the Temple Mount
Jesus, the Passion Week, the Church of Dominus Flevit; Jesus predicts
Destruction of the Second Temple; the beginnings of Christianity: sites of the Nativity and of the Crucifixion as discovered by the Empress Helena,...
Mohammad (570-632) and the beginnings of Islam; al-Aqsa Mosque, the furthest mosque; the Dome of the Rock built by the Ummayad dynasty at the end...
Conclusion of the viewpoint commentary. Tip: go back up to the viewpoint and take a left toward a flight of stairs going down toward the Church of...
Dominus Flevit= the Lord Wept; architect Antonio Barluzzi, the architect of the Holy Land; Luke 20:41 "Jesus Weeps Over Jerusalem"; the house of...
Barluzzi's Church of Dominus Flevit and its western orientation
Entrance to the Jewish Cemetery
Mode of Travel:
Della Tours Israel
Tour Guide

Welcome, my name is Della.

I was born in Chicago. When I was 5 years old, my parents decided to move to France in search of a new life...(I suspect it's because my father was tired of shovelling the snow every winter)....We hopped on the ship, the "France" with the cat, the bird, and the VW Beetle. My parents' 5-year plan turned into....well, a lifetime; they never moved back. I did all my schooling in France, travelled extensively throughout Europe, married, had a gorgeous daughter Leah, and several careers: ballet dancer, Art History major, and small business owner come to mind.

In 2011, I too decided to look for a new life. I sold my business (I ran my own bookshop for almost 18 years), went volunteering with wildlife for 6 months and on my return, started wondering what I could do for the next 50 years. I came to the idea of living in Israel late in life. So, early in 2012, I packed up my stuff and took the "aliyah" flight out of Paris. I have not looked back.

I went back to school to become a Licensed Tour Guide and successfully passed all the Ministry of Tourism exams. Wow! What a ride! 

My life has not been a straight line and in hindsight, I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

I have many a story to tell. I still get excited by things. I still love to listen to other people's stories and I'm eager to share my knowledge and wonder of the miracle that is the land of Israel. And finally, in my view, while knowledge is important indeed, excellent and friendly service is the most important thing of all...

In Israel, guides come from all backgrounds and walks of life. This is what makes them so compelling. We all graduate from schools that offer the same program that enables us to pass the same rigorous Ministry of Tourism exams. So what determines your choice of a guide? You are going to spend a day, two days or even a week or more with your guide. You are going to create a rapport. You will want to "click" with your guide. Your guide will become your friend and is a window to the country. So, we guides want you to enjoy your experience to the fullest by bringing you our knowledge and our unique personality to make your visit the trip of a lifetime. 

A warm welcome to you!


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