Caesarea, pronounced in Hebrew: Kay-sar-riya, goes back a very long way. A small Jewish port city since it was captured by King Alexander Jannaeus in 90 BCE, it became a large mixed port city under Herod the Great in 22 BCE. Here Herod built a deep sea harbor, markets, wide roads, bath houses and even pagan temples for the Roman overlords. Every five years the city hosted major sporting events including gladiator games and theater productions were held in a beautiful theater overlooking the sea.

Rome later made the city an administrative center and the Byzantines made it a provincial capital. It was the last city in the country to fall to the Arab conquest in the 600s and was taken over by the Crusaders in 1101 who built churches and walls around the city.

All of these groups of people have left their mark on Caesarea and there are many amazing remains left here to discover. In this tour you will see the remains of Herod’s palace, Roman baths and the Crusader wall. You’ll also see the hippodrome and public and private buildings with beautiful mosaics, and much, much more. 

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If you would like to see more artifacts discovered why not visit the Caesarea Museum at nearby Kibbutz Sdot Yam

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Avi Puritz
Tour Guide

Hi, my name is Avi Puritz. I’m originally from New Jersey, USA. I moved to Israel in my early 20’s. My love affair with this country started when I first came here as a teenager as part of a youth tour. I love showing people fascinating Israel, helping them discover for themselves why this place is so amazing.

I came to Israel in 1981 soon after finishing my bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. I came for a one-year program for English speaking university graduates. I never left!

After working for a couple of years in Tel Aviv at a major bank I went back to school and received my Masters in Business Administration from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. I lived in Jerusalem for nearly 30 years before moving back to the Tel Aviv area. I met my British born wife while studying and we raised four children in this great country. I have served in the IDF – the Israel army, as have my two sons and two daughters.

Most of my career has been involved with the hi-tech sector, something Israel is known for. A number of years ago I decided to do what I love to do, and that is showing visitors around my adoptive country. I became a licensed tour guide and I’ve never been happier!

I think most people have a pre-conceived idea of what Israel is or isn’t. I just love seeing the reactions of visitors when they see a modern, cosmopolitan country, rich in culture, religious diversification and culinary wonders. Nothing makes me more excited than to show people where biblical events happened, where modern nation building took place and of course to answer the many questions asked.

So let me show you around the many sites of Israel, from the Galilee and Golan in the north to the bustling center of the country and down south to the Negev. You’ll meet, Jews, Druse, Christians and Muslims, see where and how they live and hear all the stories which took place in this ancient/modern land.

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