Did you know that Ayutthaya Kingdom in XVIII century considered as the wealthiest kingdom of Asia? Did you know that its capital Ayutthaya was compared with Paris of Louis XIV? Let's go and visit ancient capital of Ayutthaya  Kingdom.

You will explore Ayutthaya Historical Park starting with Wat Mahathat Temple. You will find famous Budha hiden into tree roots. You will see Wat Phra Sri Sanphet - the most significant temple of Ayutthaya Kingdom. You will touch the bronze sitting Budha at Virham Phra Mongkolbopit. 

Meanwhile, I will tell you stories about Thai believes, customs and cultural traditions.

Join my Ayutthaya Historical Park Tour and see you there!

Ayutthaya - The Ancient Capital Walking Tour
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Nattaya Tanuan
Tour Guide

Hi, I'm Nattay, a Bangkok Tour Guide.

Welcome to Bangkok! The city I love and adore, the city that doesn't stop excite me. Let me share this passion with you and show you Bangkok how I love, feel and experience it.

Because my University Major is History of Art, I can't stop beeing historian. All my tours is a deep dive to Thai Culture, History, Believes and Art. I don't like jumping from one site to another. My tours is a walking through the history of places with legends, stories, people fates. 

You will see The Grand Palace and Emeral Budha Temple in a Walking Tour on Rattanakosin Island. You explore several remarkable temples in a Wat and Temples Walking Tour. We visit Ayutthaya - an encient capital and discover Chinatown with it's market and flavors.

Join my tours and let's discover Bangkok!


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